What is the Save The Nations International Fellowship of Ministries and Clergy?
This is the activation arm of Save The Nations church where the leaders we train or come into fellowship with are released into their destiny. Just like STN, this Fellowship uses DREAM as an acronym. The purpose of this Fellowship is to credential and provide an institutional covering for people called to work with Save The Nations either to establish their own church, a STN satellite, a para-church ministry, and the like.

D iscover leadership in the Body of Christ
R eveal their gifts and callings
E mpower their growth
A ctivate their ministries
M entor their lives

We do not cover those we don’t know in some form or fashion. Thus, those who are credentialed by STN either are from the “house”, are students in our school of ministry or are friends who are already in ministry who have asked for covering (or transfer from a denomination) from our Fellowship.

We are a Fellowship of like-minded men and woman who have joined together to form a team of ministers dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the furthering of His Kingdom. As such, we endeavor to be a Ministry Communications and Support Center as well as a vehicle for the personal and leadership development and support of others who serve in the Kingdom.

We license and ordain men and women for their work in the Kingdom and offer a spiritual covering to churches and ministries that are closely knit to the heart of the Senior Pastor by relationship. We offer ministerial credentials after an approved process to STN members.  We conduct an annual leadership retreat and occasional leadership seminars where the fellowship of ministers are invited to attend. The purpose is to impart into those who are covered and credentialed by our organization. The Lord is joining people together to accomplish His purpose. We want to walk with those who feel a drawing toward the vision God has called us to accomplish. This includes various levels of involvement.


First Level:

Certified Minister: credentials may be issued to a person who has a call on his or her life to work for the Lord in some field other than that of preaching, pastoring or evangelizing. This may include Choir Director, musician, Sunday School Superintendent, teacher, hospital visitation worker, house-to-house visitation, altar worker, street or jail service worker, or a ministry other than that of preaching. They are not authorized to perform any sacerdotal services but primarily assist others in the Body of Christ.

Chaplain: This recognition is for ministers of the gospel that are called by God and recognized by the Senior Pastor to minister primarily in prisons, hospitals, hospices, government agencies and through community ministry.

Second Level:

Licensed Minister: This recognition is given by the Senior Pastor for those who are somewhat seasoned in the ministry, but need further experience. Many of these are individuals that have been working in their chosen vocation, but for some reason or another have never entered full-time ministry, or have only been in full-time ministry for less than three (3) years. This level authorizes holder to perform all sacerdotal services. However, this person is not in charge of a congregation and has limited authority to run the affairs of the church. These credentials will be issued only AFTER a person has gone through STN’s Ministerial Track.

Third Level:

Ordained Minister: This recognition is given by the Senior Pastor to those persons who have an “established” or “proven” ministry with good personal, verifiable reputation. Ordained ministers are authorized to perform all functions of the Christian ministry and sacerdotal services, and must be capable of doing so. Person must be capable, as determined by Senior Pastor, to take charge of a congregation if needed. This credential is specifically given for the pastoral role.

In every category, applicant MUST be involved in a current ministry or plan on establishing one while simultaneously working on their credentials education through our school of ministry.

We offer our services on a donation basis with the exception of a one time non-refundable application fee.  Upon receipt of this fee from inquiring applicants, the application packet is then sent.  The application is processed when all required information and donation is received back from the applicant. Only non-STN members will be expected to give annual support amount since we expect our in-house ministers to be tithers giving above this amount However, the credentials will be up for renewal every two years at which time a renewal fee equivalent to the level you are at will apply.

Certified Minister/Chaplain - $100 donation for application.
Annual support of at least $25/month ($300) via debit card monthly withdrawal on 1st or 15th of month

Licensed Minister - $150 donation for application.
Annual support of at least $30/month ($360) via debit card monthly withdrawal on 1st or 15th of month

Ordained Minister - $200 donation for application.
Annual support of at least $40/month ($480) via debit card monthly withdrawal on 1st or 15th of month

Only one category of membership is held by each member of the Fellowship at any one time. No one will be denied membership because of finances and will hear out prospective ministers on a case by case basis. We would gladly agree in prayer with anyone who has financial needs as well (Phil.4:19). All credentialed ministers under our Fellowship will receive a certificate and plastic carrying card with official title for ministerial discounts at stores and for hospital/hospice visitations, and a magazine subscription to Rev Magazine.

Enroll in our School of Ministry via The Ministerial Studies Track - this track is open to anyone but especially for those who have been called into the church or marketplace leadership ministry at some capacity. This is especially recommended for those who feel called to ministerial or pastoral ministry where as full-time or bi-vocational. Courses and electives will be geared to helping the student become a better leader by focusing on character development, emotionally healthy spiritually and interpersonal skill development. We ask that you take courses from each level as they are given. Our school is affiliated with Logos Christian College & Graduate Schools as a member of the Logo Educators Network . Find out more about them here
To receive a "Certificate of Completion" for each track a student must complete the nine courses in each track and must take them for credit. Each class is worth 1 credit hour in our institute and could be applied to our future college level program.



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